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Raised floor

Raised access floorфальшпол

Our company supplies the classic raised floors and all necessary accessories to it, make delivery of the raised floor in the regions of Russia. Reconstruction and installation of raised floor.

We produce classic raised floor by German technology on modern equipment . Years of experience, flexibility and mobility of production provide an individual approach to each order. In this case raised floors take into account all the requirements imposed to maximal load, antistatic, height, fire and moisture resistance characteristics. To discuss the possibility of delivery of raised floor Please contact us by phone or by e-mail.
Raised floor in the standard version has the following structure: removable floor panel 600x600x40mm mounted on height-adjustable supports, fastened to each other in turn metal sheets to ensure their lateral stability. In production of panels considered a mandatory requirement for high precision manufacture them. Therefore, each product is quality controlled by the geometric dimensions and tolerances of technical standards. Material of raised floor is chosen based on the load requirements, fire and moisture resistance. Assortment of existing coatings raised floor allows to provide required antistatic, resistance to chemicals, abrasion resistance and the desired design.

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